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Name B.O.X. Security Robot
Chance of Appearance Rare
Attack Style Physical/Indirect
Origin Metroid Fusion (GBA)
Release Date of Origin November 18th, 2002
Works Metroid Fusion (GBA)
Submitted By: Knightmare
BOX Security Robot.jpg

Assist Trophy Info[]

B.O.X. is a six-legged, spider-like security robot. Following the BSL's infestation with the X Parasite, the Robot suddenly went rogue. B.O.X.'s organic components allowed it to be infected by the X. (NOTE: It may have been able to resist X infection due to protective gear covering the core, but after the first confrontation with Samus in Sector 3, its armor was damaged, possibly allowing the X to infect it. It's also possible that the Robot was infected long before this battle, as X Parasites seem to have the ability to pass through walls and other solid matter. In addition, during Samus' first visit to Sector 1, Adam implied that an "unknown agent" (referring to the SA-X) was at work after it broke into the Main Deck, meaning that the B.O.X. could be reprogrammed to hunt Samus instead.)

Mode of Assistance[]

e B.O.X. cannot leave the platform that it is summoned on. The B.O.X. walks slowly, but gains speed as it runs. If it tackles you, it does a nasty bit of damage, around 13%. The B.O.X.'s main attack however, is a grenade attack that it launches out of the B.O.X.'s head. If it hits the ground, it creates a large fire pillar that extends to 3/4ths of Giga Bowser's height. The fire pillar does about 15% damage.

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