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Name Ballade
Chance of Appearance Rare
Attack Style Projectile
Origin Mega Man IV (GB)
Release Date of Origin December 1st, 1992
Works Mega Man IV (GB)
Submitted By: Knightma


Assist Trophy Info[]

Ballade was the third and last Megaman Killer robot built by Dr. Wily. Ballade believes he is the strongest robot, but after losing twice to Mega Man, he realises his mistake and sacrifices his life to save Mega Man in the end of Mega Man IV, by exploding himself to open the way for Mega Man from Dr. Wily's station.

Mode of Assistance[]

Ballade runs about the stage, as agile as any character, and a lot quicker too. Ballade, while attacking, stops moving to charge for about 2 seconds. He then will fire a wide storm of energy bullets that travel in kinds of directions and can go through walls. Unfortuantly, the bullets are quite weak individually.

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