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The Admin of the SSB Mercurious website. Known to all of the members as DK3, he has been the admin since the site was created way back on July 20th, 2006. He ha


s been around through the good times and the bad and has occasionally disappeared without a trace leaving the rest of the Mercurious members to wonder where he's gone but he's always managed to return to the site and its forums. DK3 is known to be a fan of the Mario series and of World of Warcraft. He is responsible for maintaining both the forums and the main site on his own. He has started various submission contests where submissions of the highest quality are recognized. The latest version of these contests is set to begin soon. DK3 founded a group known as the Judge's Panel whose responsibility it is to approve or disapprove of submissions based on their quality on whether or not the submission is good enough to be featured on the main site.

Character Submissions[]

Character Universe Standard Special Side Special Up Special Down Special Final Smash
Mario Super Mario Fireball Cape Star Spin F.L.U.D.D. Fire Mario
Luigi Super Mario Fireball Green Missile Super Poltergust 3001 Squeaky Mallet Poltergust Luigi
Bowser Super Mario Fire Breath Mecha Koopa Whirling Fortress Bowser Bomb Koopa Clown Car
Peach Super Mario Toadsworth Royal Strike Perry Vegetable Vibe Scepter
Wario Super Mario Wicked Fireball Shoulder Tackle Puffy Face Hip Drop Bulldog
Waluigi Super Mario Whiskered Eggplant Drop Rocket Whirluigi Bob-Omb Bomb Wall-Luigi
Daisy Super Mario Flower Ball Torpedo Strike Flowerbed Return Petal Dance Crystal Smash
Koopa Troopa Super Mario Dizzy Shell Shell Dash Paratroopa Shell Shield Shell Smash
Jumpman Super Mario Fireball DK Hammer Spring Snapjaw Oil Fire
Link The Legend of Zelda Hero's Bow Gale Boomerang Spin Attack Bombling Triforce Slash
Zelda The Legend of Zelda Nayru's Love Din's Fire Farore's Wind Transform (Sheik) Light Arrow
Sheik The Legend of Zelda Needle Storm Shadow Mist Sheikah Vanish Transform (Zelda) Song of Storms
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda Energy Ball Sword Toss Dark Teleport Transform (Ganon) Triforce Power
Ganon The Legend of Zelda Fire Keese Trident Storm Dark Portal Transform (Ganondorf) Darkness Portal
Toon Link The Legend of Zelda Hero's Bow Deku Leaf Grappling Hook Skull Hammer Four Sword
Toon Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda Dual Strike Katana Lunge Rotor Attack Dark Draw Phantom Ganon
Linebeck The Legend of Zelda Eddo's Cannon Paddling Wheel Map Updraft Iron Anchor Possession
Pikachu Pokémon ElecBall Discharge Quick Attack Thunder Volt Tackle
Jigglypuff Pokémon RollOut Wake-Up Slap Gyro Ball Sing Hyper Voice
Mewtwo Pokémon Shadow Ball Psycho Cut Future Sight Barrier Psystrike
Deoxys (Normal Forme) Pokémon Zen Headbutt Wrap Pursuit Forme Change (Attack Forme) Psycho Boost
Deoxys (Attack Forme) Pokémon Zap Cannon Taunt Psycho Shift Forme Change (Defense Forme) Psycho Boost
Deoxys (Defense Forme) Pokémon Iron Defense Spikes Cosmic Power Forme Change (Speed Forme) Psycho Boost
Deoxys (Speed Forme) Pokémon Knock Off ExtremeSpeed Swift Forme Change (Normal Forme) Psycho Boost
Meowth Pokémon Pay Day Fury Swipes Faint Attack Feint Night Slash
Zoroark Pokémon Snarl Dark Pulse Foul Play Punishment Night Burst
Weavile Pokémon Ice Shard Dark Pulse Night Slash Icy Wind Blizzard
Kirby Kirby Copy Ability Hammer Final Cutter Stone Crash Kirby
Meta Knight Kirby Crescent Ripple Drill Dash Meta Flight Dimensional Cape Galactia Darkness (Dark Meta Knight)
Dark Meta Knight Kirby Sword Beam Lunging Slice Billion Swords Dimensional Rip Dimension Mirror (Meta Knight)
King Dedede Kirby Inhale Wheelie Rush Super Dedede Jump Tornado Hammer Masked Dedede
Adeleine Kirby Paint Fling Painter's Smock Paint-A-Rainbow Paint Can Picture Perfect
Samus Aran Metroid Charge Shot Missile Screw Attack Morph Ball Bomb Zero Laser (Zero Suit Samus)
Zero Suit Samus Metroid Paralyzer Plasma Whip Plasma Wire Zero Mine Varia Suit (Samus Aran)
Ridley Metroid Fire Spray Heat Beam Flight Tail Stab Omega Mutation (Omega Ridley)
Omega Ridley Metroid Omega Fire Phazon Lasso Omega Flight Corruption Phazon Destruction (Ridley)
PED Suit Samus Metroid Hazard Shield Hyper Missile Hyper Grapple Hyper Ball Phazon Overload
Fox McCloud Star Fox Blaster Fox Illusion Fire Fox Reflection Device Landmaster
Falco Lombardi Star Fox Fire Blaster Homing Launcher Avian Ace Deflector Sky Claw
Wolf O'Donnell Star Fox Energy Blaster Wolf Flash G-Diffuser Sensor Bomb Wolfen Assault
Krystal Star Fox Freeze Stream Fire Blaster Rocket Boost Power Quake Krazoa Spirits
Slippy Toad Star Fox Wrench Writhe Homing Missile Turbo Thrusters Stealth Mine Cloaking Device
Yoshi Yoshi Egg Lay Egg Drill Egg Throw Yoshi Bomb Yoshi Stampede
Baby Mario Bros. Yoshi Twin Fireball Chomp Romp Bubble Recovery M & L Blocks Superstar Babies
Kamek Yoshi Polygon Magic Toady Toss Broomstick Boost Teleportation Psycho Kamek
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Primate Punch Coconut Shooter Barrel Blast Barrel Shield Konga Beat
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Peanut Popguns Chimpy Charge Rocketbarrel Boost Simian Slam Guitar Gazump
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Blunderbuss Blast Krownmerang Blunder Jet Kannonball Krush KAOS
Dixie Kong Donkey Kong Bubblegum Burst Steel Barrel Ponytail Copter Klampon Squitter
Tiny Kong Donkey Kong Feather Bow Monkey-Port Ponytail Whirl Orange Grenade Mini-Monkey
Drumstick Donkey Kong Missile Attack Red Racer Golden Balloons Oil Slick Frog Swarm
Ness MOTHER PK Flash PK Hypnosis PK Teleport Psi Shield PK Rockin'
Lucas MOTHER PK Ground PK Brainshock Psi Refresh PK Thunder PK Love
Claus MOTHER PK Fire PK Paralysis Mental Power Transform (Masked Man) Pig Bomb
Masked Man MOTHER Shield Killer Thunder Sword Mechanical Wings Transform (Claus) Cyborg Bolt
Captain Falcon F-Zero Falcon Punch Raptor Boost Falcon Dive Falcon Kick Falcon Finale
Samurai Goroh F-Zero Goroh Stab Katana Rage Rising Sun Earth Shatter Fire Stingray
Black Shadow F-Zero Black Void Black Knuckle Black Rush Black Blast The Black Bull
Marth Fire Emblem Falchion Thrust Dancing Edge Critical Rip Shield of Seals My Unit
Roy Fire Emblem Flame Dance Blazing Slash Rising Phoenix Healing Flame Hartmut's Legacy
Ephraim Fire Emblem Sonic Slash Lunging Lance Lance Leap Sonic Shockwave Renais Guards
Lyndis Fire Emblem Rienfleche Wind Blade Rising Blade Flip Strike Sol Katti
Mona WarioWare Mona Pizza Scooter Scurry Baton Rush Soundwave The Monettes
Paper Mario Paper Mario Quake Hammer Spin Attack Paper Airplane Boomer Art Attack
Paper Bowser Paper Mario Fire Breath Superbobomb Koopa Clown Car Paper Bowser Bomb Star Rod Invincibility
Rawk Hawk Paper Mario Hawkon Punch Missile Rawk Kick Rawket Tornado Prop Drawp Super Rawk Drawp
Tom Nook Animal Crossing Price Cut Timmy & Tommy Balloon Special Pitfall Seed Blow-Out Sale
K.K. Slider Animal Crossing K.K. Song K.K. Cruisin' K.K. Swing K.K. Lullaby K.K. Concert
Ice Climbers Ice Climber Ice Shot Topi Toss Belay Eggplant Blizzard
Isaac Golden Sun Gaia Ragnarok Tornado Mind Read Justice
Andy Advance Wars Wrench Toss Infantry Soldier Parachute Hyper Repair Hyper Upgrade
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo! Chibi-Blaster Toothbrush Chibi-Copter Mug Super Chibi-Robo
Akari Hayami 1080° Snowboarding Snowball Frost Wind 1080° Spin Icicle Patch Avalanche
Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Homing Attack Light Speed Soaring Saw Spin Dash Super Sonic
Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Thunder Shoot Wave Cyclone Tails Copter Dummy Ring Bomb Tornado III
Dr. Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog Egg Missile Egg Drill Egg Mobile Egg Bomb Eggwalker
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy Blade Beam Cross-Slash Braver Meteorain Omnislash
Sephiroth Final Fantasy Octaslash Fire Materia Heartless Angel Support Materia Supernova
Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy Rough Divide Renzokuken Fated Circle Blasting Zone Lion Heart
Yuna Final Fantasy Burst Shot Sleepy Shuffle Pray Reflect Trigger Happy
Auron Final Fantasy Sliencestrike Threaten Tornado Kotetsu Dragon Fang
Sora Kingdom Hearts Ars Arcanum Strike Raid Ragnarok Sonic Blade Trinity Limit
Riku Kingdom Hearts Dark Aura Maelstrom Dark Break Impulse Dark Riku
Crono Chrono Wind Slash Cleave Cyclone Lightning Luminaire
Banjo & Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie Egg Shot Beak Barge Beak Bomb Bill Drill Wonderwing
Mumbo Jumbo Banjo-Kazooie Zap Stick EMP Levitate Power Summon
Gruntilda Banjo-Kazooie Charge Spell Homing Whirl Gutlifter Pro Super Butt Buster HAG 1
Trophy Thomas Banjo-Kazooie Egg Gun Trophy Car Trophy Heli Orange Slick Clockwork Kaz
Piddles Banjo-Kazooie Egg Turret Furious Fangs Rocket Broomstick Catnap Ferocious Feline
Conker Conker Slingshot Franky Helicoptery Tail Anvil Neo Conker
Heinrich Conker Acid Spit Tail Sweep Acidic Corkscrew Acid Puddle Acid Drench
Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Wumpa Bazooka Polar Push Tornado Death Spin Belly Flop Jetpac Wumpa
Coco Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Byte Pura Pummel Upload Heat Shield Tsunami
Dr. Neo Cortex Crash Bandicoot Blaster Ray Booster Barrage Jetpack Deflection Shield Hoverboard Havoc
Spyro Spyro the Dragon Flame Attack Horn Charge Glide Headbash Superflame
Arthas Menethil Warcraft Exorcism Hammer of Justice Divine Storm Consecration Ner'zhol Merge
The Lich King Warcraft Necrotic Plague Harvest Soul Remorseless Winter Defile Fury of Frostmourne
Illidan Stormrage Warcraft Shadow Blast Agonizing Flames Dark Barrage Draw Soul Demon Form
Hogger Warcraft Hunting Bow Head Butt Rushing Charge Pierce Armor Gnoll Army
The Black Knight Warcraft Plague Strike Icy Touch Death Grip Obliterate Army of the Dead
Moroes Warcraft Gouge Blind Vanish Frenzy Berserk
AiAi Super Monkey Ball Banana Hurl Monkey Ball Monkey Flip Banana Shield Super Monkey Ball
Beat Jet Set Radio Spray Paint Spray Combo Rail Grind Grafitti Spray Grafitti Grind
Rukifellth Bomberman Blood Drip Speed Strike Dark Teleport Chaos Meteor Sthertoth
Rayman Rayman Heavy Metal Fist Shock Rocket Throttle Copter Vortex Raving Rabbids
Frogger Frogger Fly Shield Sticky Tongue Super Jump Baby Frogger Traffic Terror
Marcus Fenix Gears of War Scorcher Chainsaw Bayonet Mortar Bolo Grenade One Shot
Jak & Daxter Jak & Daxter Scatter Gun Lunge Punch Daxter Spin Shoulder Slam Light Jak
Bob Newbie The Sims Bills Buddy Couch Spring Light Bulb Family Reunion
Brian Quest 64 Wind Cutter Rolling Rock Water Pillar Fire Bomb Avalanche


Airship Fleet

Arctic Antics

Battlefield (Past Stage)

Berry Forest

Blackrock Depths

Boo Moon Galaxy

Bubbly Clouds

Chocobo Forest

Click Clock Wood

Corneria City




Destiny Islands

Dig Dug

Elwynn Forest


Final Destination (Past Stage)

Fire-Ball Frenzy

Forsaken Fortress

Fossil Canyon

G. F. S. Olympus

Gameboy Advance SP

Good Egg Galaxy

Goo-Filled Hills

Goron Mines

Green Hill Zone

Groznyj Grad

Haven Palace


Ice Climber

Lakitu's Wall

Mecha Castle

Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Plains

N. Sanity Beach

Nutty Acres

Onett Outskirts

Paper Mario Battle

Pewter City

Phendrana Drifts

Port Town

Rope Bridge Rumble

Sand Bird

Sand Ocean

Spiral Mountain

Tazmily Village

Temple of Time

The Canyon

Treasure Hunt

Utgarde Pinnacle

Whispy Woods



A-Grav Zoomer

Aku Aku

All-Night Mask

Ashes of Al'ar

Assist Trophy

Barrel Cannon

Battery Eggs

Blue Falcon

Boom Box

Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter


Cane of Byrna

Choice Specs

Copy Scroll


Demon Launcher

Energy Tank

Fire Flower

Heart Container

Home-Run Bat


King's Defender


Master Ball

Maxim Tomato

Metroid Capsule

Orb of Deception

Poké Ball

Power Bomb

Propeller Mushroom

Rainbow Star

Rare Candy

Spiny Egg

Star Rod

Super Mushroom

Super Scope

Teddy Bear


TNT Crate

Vampire Fang



















Assist Trophies[]


Baby Sheegoth




Dust Devil


Hammer Bro.

Il Piantissimo

Jaina Proudmoore


Moto Shotzo



R.O.B. Launcher




Buga the Knut

King Kaliente

Salvo the Slime


Dry Bones



Shadow Beast


Event Matches[]

Mario vs. Sonic

Mewtwo Strikes Again!


The Bone Arbiter


Type Disadvantaged

Wanted: Hogger

Total Accepted Submissions[]

By Type[]

Characters - 81

Stages - 53

Items - 40

Pokemon - 17

Assist Trophies - 17

Bosses - 3

Enemies - 5

Event Matches - 7

By Franchise[]

Advance Wars - 1

Animal Crossing - 1

Banjo-Kazooie - 12

Chibi-Robo - 1

Chrono - 1

Conker - 6

Crash Bandicoot - 7

Dig Dug - 1

Donkey Kong - 10

Final Fantasy - 7

Fire Emblem - 2

Frogger - 1

F-Zero - 6

Ice Climber - 1

Jack & Daxter - 2

Kingdom Hearts - 3

Kirby - 10

Mega Man - 1

Metal Gear Solid - 1

Metroid - 10

Mother/Earthbound - 4

Nintendo History - 1

Paper Mario - 4

Pokemon - 34

Quest 64 - 1

Rayman - 1

Sonic the Hedgehog - 6

Spyro the Dragon - 1

Star Fox - 5

Super Mario - 28

Super Scope - 1

Super Smash Bros. - 8

The Legend of Zelda - 15

Warcraft - 17

Wario/WarioWare - 1

World of Goo - 1

Yoshi - 5


Favored Submission Types[]

1. Characters

2. Stages

3. Items

Favored Submission Franchises[]

1. Pokemon

2. Super Mario

3. Warcraft

Total Submissions[]

223 Submissions