Name Dry Dry Outpost
Location Dry Dry Desert
Home Stage of N/A
Hazard #1 Little Mousers
Hazard #2 N/A
Hazard #3 N/A
Hazard #4 N/A
Origin Paper Mario (N64)
Release Date of Origin February 5th, 2001
Works Paper Mario (N64)
Submitted By: Knightmare
Dry Dry Outpost

Stage InfoEdit

Dry Dry Outpost is a small town in Dry Dry Desert, found in the game Paper Mario. It is a town that has Little Mousers that live here. Moustafa lives here, who gives Mario an item that lets him find Dry Dry Ruins. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Lumpy mentioned that he visited Dry Dry Outpost during his quest to strike oil.Mario can learn about Lumpy's visit by listening to "Part 3: A Helping Hand", the third tale in his adventure.

Stage LayoutEdit

The stage is quite uneven, starting at it's highest, on the left, and going to it's lowest part on the right. You fight on Dry Dry Outpost's buildings. At the very left, a basket, which happens to contain Little Mousers. Right next to the first set of baskets, another basket is there. Right after that, the platform is mostly flat, with some small rises and falls. In the background, there is a tall tan-colored wall, with an intricate design on it. In the far, far background, beyond the wall, some short and tall sand dunes can be seen. The stage is about the size of Final Destination, but with much smaller gaps on both sides.

Stage HazardsEdit

Little Mousers: Little Mousers hide in the woven baskets on the left of the stage. If an item lands on the baskets, the Little Mousers take it inside their baskets. Once three items have been stolen by the Little Mousers, they will use one to make room for the next. The items have the same effect as usual. If they steal a Smash Ball, and they use it, Moustafa, a leader of an group of theives will appear and toss out the Pulse Stone, which will create a large pyramid half the size of Giga Bowser that does 10% to the touch. The pyramid will last about 10 seconds.

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