Eric the Flame is a fiery-souled demon who controls the power of heat and fire, and he's also one of the two characters controlled by flamezone17 in Eebit's The Ultimate Tournament.

Official Ultimate Tournament InfoEdit

Name: Eric The Flame Universe: Fire Valley

Home Arena: Lava Pit. This is the place inside of a giant volcano in Fire Valley. There is about 4 platforms coming up through the lava. They are skinny near the lava, but then get wider as it goes up. Hot battles await on this arena!

Age: 17

Appearance: Eric is about 5'9, has untidy, medium length black hair, and has red eyes with black pupils in the middle. He wears a red T-shirt that has a flame pattern on it, and blue jeans. His clothes are burnt in some places as well.

History: Eric was raised by Demons on the planet. Eric was floating in space with his parents when he was a baby, and a meteor crashed into the ship, killing his parents and sending him flying off the ship and onto the planet Eric called "Fire Valley." Eric had lived on that planet for his whole live, practicing fighting with the demons of that planet. They even taught him their skills.

Abilities: Eric is very good at fighting, able to jump and dodge very well. He is also able to shoot fireballs out of his mouth. He is also able to breathe out a giant stream of fire. Eric can also summon a sword made of flames at his own will. When angered enough, he will sprout big black wings out of his shoulders, as well as having longer claws, and teeth. The whites of his eyes also turn black, but that has no use.

Strengths: Fast and flexible, able to breathe fire, can summon a fire sword, and can fly when angered.

Weaknesses: Lack of armor, hates water, sword can be easily extinguished with water, when flying getting hit by lightning attacks hurt Eric more, grabbing Eric by the wing will cause him to be paralyzed until you let go.



Arena: Wrecked Laboratory

Outcome: WINNER [1]

Fighters: Jackson S. Larke (Eebit) vs. Eric the Flame (flamezone17)

After a harsh, extremely close battle, it was merely decided in the end that Eric was the better fighter by a small percentage, according the RefBot.


Arena: Windy Plains

Outcome: In Battle [2]

Fighters: Baboy Man (Jonno) vs. Eric the Flame (flamezone17)