Name Flat Zone 3
Location Game & Watch
Home Stage of Mr. Game & Watch
Hazard #1 Octopus
Hazard #2 Moles
Hazard #3 N/A
Hazard #4 N/A
Origin Octopus (G&W)
Release Date of Origin 1980
Works Vermin (G&W)
Octopus (G&W)
Helmet (G&W)
Submitted By: DojoTL
Flat Zone 3

Stage InfoEdit

This is a wacky stage full of surprises.

Stage LayoutEdit

The first tier your on the Helmet stage. You then transfer to Octopus stage. Then finally to the Vermin stage.

Stage HazardsEdit

Octopus: On the Octopus tier, the Octopus's tentacles receive when you touch them (7%-11%).

Moles: When your on the mole tier, moles pop up under ground and you receive damage (4%-8%)

External LinksEdit

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