Name Fox McCloud
Home Stage Corneria
Origin Star Fox
Release Date February 21, 1993
Works Star Fox
Star Fox 64
Star Fox: Assault
Offense 3/10
Defense 5/10
Projectile 8/10
Weight 3/10
Speed 9/10
Recovery 7/10
Throwing Ability 4/10
Final Smash 6/10
Standard Special Blaster
Side Special Fox Illusion
Up Special Fire Fox
Down Special Reflection Device
Final Smash Landmaster
The leader of the Star Fox crew, Fox McCloud joins the only battle known as Su
per Smash Bros. Unlimited. Battle ready and armed for combat, Fox has been spending his recent years protecting the Lylat System from the evil schemes of Andross. He hasn't changed much from his participation in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but don't let that fool you, he's brought some new tricks to the fight this time around. Equipped with his Blaster and Reflector, and as usual, still one of the quickest characters to choose from, Fox is a threat in any situation. Fox's Special moves and Final Smash are now unique to him, since Falco and Wolf has been refitted with new attacks in SSBU

Fox's Standard Special attack, Blaster, can be fired quickly to shoot two beams in the same turn, but now Fox can charge the device up for up to 2 turns to fire 4-6 shots at once. His Side Special, Fox Illusion, hasn't changed much since Smash Bros. Brawl, and can still be used to assist Fox in recovering back to the stage. It may also be used to hit multiple opponents if given the correct opportunity. Fox's Up Special attack, Fire Fox, can now be charged up as well for up to 3 turns to unleash a larger burst of fire and propel Fox even higher than it would uncharged. Although, while charging, Fox will be left open to attacks, which will interrupt the attack and could send him to his doom. His Down Special attack, Reflection Device, has also been souped up for SSBU, it can now be tossed as an item after Fox deploys it. If the Reflection Device lands on solid ground, it'll activate itself and can then reflect projectiles and harm opponents at a distance from Fox. It'll despawn after 4 turns. Only one Reflector Device can be active on the stage at any given time however, so Fox will either have to retrieve the device to reuse it, or wait until it disappears. Fox's Final Smash, Landmaster, is now one of a kind amongst the Star Fox characters, and when summoned and taken control of, will give Fox the ability to fire large beams of energy at his opponents, and of course, perform barrel rolls to dismount the combatents that may be seeking a safe spot on top of the machine. The Landmaster can also launch a Smart Bomb behind itself, but only comes equipped with a single explosive. The Landmaster will last for 8 turns before ejecting Fox and disappearing.

Fox McCloud's Moveset
Attack Input Attack Name Damage K.O. Potential
Attack Left Jab 2% 0.5%
Attack (2nd) Right Hook 2% 0.7%
Attack (3rd) N/A N/A N/A
Attack (Rapid) Rapid Kick 1%-2% 0.3%
Attack (Dashing) Running Kick 7% 1.2%
</> + Attack Side Kick 6% 1.6%
^ + Attack Scorpion Kick 6% 1.5%
v + Attack Tail Whip 7% 1.9%
</> + Attack (Smash) Spinning Kick 15%-24% 4.8%-16.9%
^ + Attack (Smash) Backflip Kick 16%-30% 5.4%-17.2%
v + Attack (Smash) Split Kick 11%-19% 4.5%-16.3%
Attack (Aerial) Flying Kick 9% 1.4%-4.2%
> + Attack (Aerial) Quintuple Kick 4%-23% 1.3%-2.4%
< + Attack (Aerial) Reverse Kick 10%-15% 1.7%-4.8%
^ + Attack (Aerial) Upward Tail Snap 5%-12% 2.4%-4.6%
v + Attack (Aerial) Drill Kick 2%-21% 1.4%-3.2%
Grab Standard Grab 0% N/A
Grab + Attack Captive Knee 1% 0%
Grab + > Elbow Smash 7% 8.3%
Grab + < Reverse Blaster Shots 5%-9% 4.2%
Grab + ^ Skyward Blaster Shots 6%-10% 3.6%
Grab + v Slam Blaster Shots 7%-11% 2.0%
Standard Special Blaster 3%-18% 0.2%-0.4%
Side Special Fox Illusion 4%-8% 0.8%-1.4%
Up Special Fire Fox 12%-33% 3.5%-13.3%
Down Special Reflection Device 5% 1.0%-1.8%
Final Smash Landmaster 0% 0%

Landmaster's Moveset (Ultimate Form)
Attack Input Attack Name Damage K.O. Potential
Standard Special Cannon Beam 15%-24% 12.4%-18.3%
Side Special Bomb Deployment 2%-15% 1.0%-14.9%
Up Special Energy Thrusters 4%-9% 1.4%-3.2%
Down Special

Barrel Roll

10%-16% 9.5%-12.8%
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