Name Galactic HQ
Location Veilstone City
Home Stage of Weavile
Hazard #1 Purugly
Hazard #2 Skuntank
Hazard #3 Toxicroak
Hazard #4 Honchkrow
Origin Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (DS)
Release Date of Origin 2007
Works Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (DS)
Pokemon Platinum (DS)
Submitted By: DojoTL
Galactic HQ

Stage InfoEdit

The Team Galactic HQ is the main center of Team Galactic's operations. It is located in Veilstone City, Sinnoh. As well as housing numerous machinery used to experiment with Pokémon, it provides hospitality to its members, encouraging health and energy in order to help execute Team Galactic's plans. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the Team Galactic HQ serves as the first place the player learns about the Red Chain, and Cyrus's plan to use Dialga/Palkia's power to destroy the universe and recreate it under his control.

Stage LayoutEdit

You'll be fighting in the front of Galactic HQ. In the background you will the see the building. Sometimes you will Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, or Cyru

Stage HazardsEdit

Purugly: Purugly will appear out of nowhere and scratch any opponent that's close to her and deals 8% for each scratch.

Skuntank: Skuntank will appear out of nowhere and will will use Smokescreen to make the entire stage black. Then it uses Night Slash which deals 14% for each slash.

Toxicroak: Toxicroak will appear out of nowhere and uses Poison Jab. It deals 15% for each jab.

Honchkrow: Honckrow will appear out of nowhere an starts beating it's wings against a random fighter. It deals 9% for each beat of his wings.

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