Super Smash Bros. Mercurious Wiki

Name Gorgon
Chance of Appearance Uncommon
Attack Style Projectile
Origin Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (GBA)
Release Date of Origin May 23rd, 2005
Works Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (GBA)
Submitted By: Knightmare

Assist Trophy Info[]

Gorgons are snake-like creatures with a human head and snakes for hair. They often wield Stone and Shadowshot and have the potential to be dangerous foes. They are hatched from Gorgon eggs. Their strategy is to turn you into stone then let another one hit you with demon surge which tends to do damage above 9 hit points unless you are using Myrrh. The Gorgon also appears as a stage boss in the level where you see Gorgon eggs for the first time.

Mode of Assistance[]

When summoned, the Gorgon will slither around the stage, looking for victims. Once a Smasher comes within attacking distance, the Gorgon lashes out with a rock. If the rock hits the opponent, the turn to stone, allowing the Gorgon to begin charging a Shadowshot. By mashing buttons, you can escape from your stoney prison, but escape is diffucult. If the Gorgon hits you with the Shadowshot, you will take around 30%, and will be sent flying. Luckily, Gorgons cannot jump, and are a slower than walking Bowser.

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