Name Ice Climbers (Popo & Nana)
Home Stage Infinite Glacier
Origin Ice Climber
Release Date 1984
Works Ice Climber
Offense 4/10
Defense 5/10
Projectile 7/10
Weight 4/10
Speed 7/10
Recovery 9/10
Throwing Ability 5/10
Final Smash 8/10
Standard Special Ice Shot
Side Special Topi Toss
Up Special Belay
Down Special Eggplant
Final Smash Blizzard

Popo and Nana, known together as the Ice Climbers, work as a team with a common goal of reaching the top of a tall, icy mountain to retrieve stolen vegetables from the condor. The duo must make their ascent as they dodge the likes of enemies such as Topies, Nitpickers, and Polar Bears, collecting the vegetables along the way as they climb all 32 stages in the game. They both come equipped with a wooden mallet, and like in Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, the player will control Popo while Nana follows behind and mimics his attacks. They will both have a seperate damage counter or HP meter, but share the same amount of stock or points accumulated. KOing Nana will not result in the Ice Climbers losing a stock or a point, but KOing Popo will, resulting in Nana simply disappearing before they both return on their revival platform.

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