Name Jungle Hijinxs
Universe Donkey Kong
Home Stage To Donkey Kong
Game Based On Donkey Kong Country
Release Date November 21, 1994
Size Medium
Type Scrolling
Primary Hazard Barrel Cannon
Secondary Hazard Gnawty
Tertiary Hazard Kritter
Quaternary Hazard Zinger
Availabilty Default
Unlocking Method N/A
Jungle Hijinx
Jungle Hijinxs is the first level of the first map in the Super Nintendo game, Donkey Kong Country. The game featured Donkey Kong and his debuting nephew, Diddy Kong, finding that their secret Banana Hoard had been stolen by the evil king K. Rool and his crew of Kremlings. The stage is home to both the Banana Hoard cave and DK's Treehouse. Donkey and Diddy are introduced to many of the game's features here, such as collecting the four letter tokens to spell out K-O-N-G and earn an extra life, and riding animal buddies like Rambi the Rhinoceros.

In the Smash Bros. Unlimited version of the stage, players fight deep within the jungle as the playing field will continuously scroll after every turn goes by, creating slightly different obstacles and stage layouts every turn that may affect whether an opponent is KO'd or not after powerful hits. Gaps and bottomless pits also come and go as the stage is endlessly changing. More features that will appear and disappear as the scrolling goes on, are the floating Barrel Cannons, Gnawty beavers, Kritter Kremlings, and the Zinger bees. The Barrel Cannons, when come into contact with, will fire the player off in a random direction, which could potentially KO them if unlucky. The Gnawties and the Kritters can be defeated with any direct or ranged attack, while the Zingers are invincible to all attacks except explosive ones. Touching an enemy will result in recieving damage from them.

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