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Kolton Chillzone is one of two characters role-played by flamezone17 in Eebit's The Ultimate Tournament. A powerful young man who can control the power of ice, he was thought to be a formidable opponent by most. However, in the end fate decided that he was to lose to Zantok's Giott during the Kick-Off match. Just because he was kicked out of the competition doesn't mean he isn't sticking around for a few chats at the Bellona Tavern and fights at the Deimos Moon.

Official Ultimate Tournament Information[]

Name: Kolton Chillzone Universe: Coldetation Home Arena: Coldetation Outskirts. This a area in Coldetation which is one of the most dangerous. Plenty of blizzards usually appear here. There is a ton of snow littering the ground, dead trees, everything. Cold battles await here!

Age: 21

Appearance: Kolton has ice-blue, medium length hair. His hair is just left messy. He is about 6 feet tall, and has light blue eyes. He wears a blue hoodie, and black jeans. Under his blue hoodie, he wears a black shirt. His hoodie says, "Chilly!" in the corner.

History: Kolton was found looking nearly frozen to death under the snow at the age of 2. A old man who was going for a hike had almost stepped on him. The old man then rushed the child home, tried everything to warm him up. The old man had soon found out that the child had actually enjoyed, and felt better in the cold. As the old man wondered as he raised the child, why he enjoyed the cold, and disliked the heat. His house had not been very warm for it was not made out of great material. The old man had then taught Kolton all his moves, and techniques. The man had soon found out after he realized that Eric could perform attacks with ice, that he was a Izz'ic. Otherwise known by the name of, "Ice Angel." These very rare species could perform attacks that involved ice. He then took him to see a fellow Izz'ic to teach him to control ice.

Abilities: Kolton is very nimble, and fast. Kolton can shoot out a stream of icy wind, that freezes his enemies, and may rub off skin, and/or damage eyesight. He is also capable of mending weapons out of ice very easily, and quickly. Kolton can also turn things he touches to ice if he pleases. Kolton's skin is also very cold.

Strengths: +Can mend weapons of ice +Capable of using ice attacks +Turns thing to ice at free will. +Fast.

Weaknesses: -Weapons can break easily. -Klutz -Dislikes fire -Fire melts his weapons -Fire turns his ice attacks to water



Arena: Area 51

Outcome: LOSS [1]

Fighters: Kolton Chillzone (flamezone17) vs. Giott (Zantok)

Although it was a close match in terms of fighting skills and prowess, Kolton was the one who suffered the most injuries in the end.