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Main Details[]

Home Stage Faron Woods
Offense 7.5/10
Defense 9.5/10
Projectile 8.5/10
Weight 7/10
Speed 3.5/10
Recovery 6/10
Throwing Ability 3/10
Final Smash 7.5/10
Standard Special Sacred Bow
Side Special Gale Boomerang
Up Special Spin Attack
Down Special Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash
Origin The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo) 1986
Works The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64) 1998
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Nintendo Wii) 2011
Hyrule Warriors (Nintendo Wii U) 2014
Submitted By: DK3

Submission Details[]

Link is a submission by DK3. The submission was originally uploaded to the site on January 25, 2009 and reuploaded after the site's revision on October 27, 2012. The submission is based on the character's appearances in the official Smash Bros. games. Link now features a few new attacks, his original on-screen appearance from his original Super Smash Bros. incarnation, and a new side taunt. Although Link's special moves are largely kept intact from his official moves, the first draft of this submission had a different Up Special utilizing the Spinner item from Twilight Princess.

Character Details[]

The main protagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise from Nintendo, Link has appeared in every Zelda title worth mentioning. Link is a Hylian originating from the land of Hyrule. This incarnation of Link derives from the Skyward Sword title in the series, where Link was born and raised in Skyloft, a land located high above the clouds. Link has a dream about a strange, unknown figure before being awoke by his childhood friend Zelda. He then procedes to prepare for the Wing Ceremony, a traditional event that acknowledges one as a true knight. Link succeeds in the ceremony after repeated attempts of sabotage by his rival classmate Groose. Link and Zelda then take their Loftwings out for a trip together to celebrate his victory, but soon encounter a storm which abducts Zelda and sends her to the demon-filled lands of Hyrule below the clouds. Shortly afterwards, Link encounters the figure from his visions as Fi, the spirit of the Goddess Sword, which was created by Hylia in the event that the evil she had defeated were to return. Hylia tells Link that he must descend to Hyrule and find Zelda, and thus begin his adventure.

General Information[]


Up Taunt:
 Link sheathes his Master Sword and swipes his hair back before re-arming himself with his sword.
Down Taunt:
 Link strikes a defensive pose with his Master Sword, daring his opponents to strike him.
Side Taunt:
 Navi floats out from behind Link and screams "HEY!" before hiding behind him again.

On-Screen Appearance[]

Link appears from the sky in a beam of light as he unsheathes his sword and prepares for battle.

Return Platform[]

Link returns to the stage on the back of his Loftwing.

Kirby Hat[]

Kirby gains Link's green hat and hair.


Regular Moves
Combo (1st) Sword Slice  Link slices to his left with his sword.
Combo (2nd) Counter Slice  Link slices back to his right with his sword.
Combo (Rapid) Illusionary Stabs  Link quickly stabs rapidly forward with his sword.
Combo (Finish) Finishing Stab  Link thrusts his sword forward, stabbing his opponent and sending them away.
Dash Attack Roll Attack  Link rolls forward along the ground as he did in many of his 3D adventures.
Weak Moves
Side Tilt Step Slice  Link steps forward as he brings his sword vertically down from overhead.
Up Tilt Overhead Slice  Link sweeps his sword from front to back overhead in an arc.
Down Tilt Grass Cutter  Link slices low along the ground with his sword.
Smash Moves
Side Smash Shield Bash  Link thrusts his shield forward as he slams it into his foes; a technique he learned in Twilight Princess.
Up Smash Triple Slash  Link slashes overhead three times in reversing directions.
Down Smash Sword Sweep  Link slashes low to the ground in front then slashes again behind himself.
Aerial Moves
Neutral Aerial Sword Spin  Link spins around in midair as he swings his sword around him.
Forward Aerial Aerial Cut  Link slices with his sword forward while in midair.
Backward Aerial Double Kick  Link kicks twice behind himself while in midair.
Up Aerial Up-Thrust  Link stabs vertically upwards with his sword while in midair.
Down Aerial Sword Plant  Link puts all his weight and momentum into a downward sword dive as he exposes the tip below him and plummets into his foe.
Grab & Throws
Grab Tactic Clawshot  Using his Clawshot from Twilight Princess, Link fires its grappling claw forward a moderate distant in an attempt to retract an opponent back to him.
Pummel Hilt Strike  Link bashes the hilt of his sword into the captured foe's head.
Forward Throw Kick-Out  Link kicks his foe away with a swift foot.
Backward Throw Reverse Kick-Out  Link moves his opponent behind himself before kicking them away with his foot.
Up Throw Upward Slash  Link throws his opponent into the air before slashing at them with his sword.
Down Throw Flying Elbow  Link throws his opponent to the ground before throwing himself on top of them with an elbow exposed.
Special Moves
Standard Special  Sacred Bow
Link quickly takes out the Sacred Bow and fires an arrow forward. By holding the Special Move button, Link can aim in any direction and fire an arrow upon releasing the button. Unlike in previous titles, the arrow will always travel the same speed, whether Link holds the arrow for a long or short period of time. Now however, if Link is holding a Bomb before using his Sacred Bow, he'll create a Bomb Arrow from Twilight Princess and fire that instead for more damage output.
Side Special  Gale Boomerang
Link tosses his Gale Boomerang forward, which will travel a moderate distance in the direction it was thrown before returning back to Link. As the Boomerang travels, it will create a whirlwind around itself that can manipulate his foe's movement and pull them towards him. The Gale Boomerang can also bring items back to Link as well and instantly put them in his hands upon returning to Link.
Up Special  Spin Attack
Link spins rapidly with his blade held out as he ascends upward. If used on the ground, Link will not gain any altitude, but he will spin for a longer period of time and thus potentially cause more damage. Link can charge the attack whether he's on the ground or in the air to increase the speed in which he spins and cause greater amounts of damage.
Down Special  Bomb
Link takes out a Bomb, which comes in its appearance from Skyward Sword now, and can hold onto it until he's ready to throw it. Link can now throw the Bomb by holding or pressing forward and pressing the Special Move button, since just the Special Move button alone will cause him to fire a Bomb Arrow now. By using his Down Special while holding a Bomb, Link can now roll the bomb along the ground, just like he can in Skyward Sword. The Bomb will explode upon any impact with an opponent or obstacle, or after its fuse burns down 4-5 seconds after being lit.
Final Smash  Triforce Slash
Link retains his Final Smash from Brawl, except now instead of needing to position himself directly in front of his target, Link will now semi home-in on his closest opponent, granted that they are still close enough to reach. After choosing his target, Link will rush to them and continuously slash at them as the Triforce of Courage engulfs them. His final blow now sees Link leap up and strike his opponent with a downward stab, which still sends the opponent flying forward on an upward diagonal trajectory.

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