Name Mi-8
Health: Easy 150
Health: Medium 150
Health: Hard 260
Health: Very Hard 260
Health: Intense 260
Attack #1 Door Gunner
Attack #2 Troop Drop Off
Attack #3 Propeller Slash
Attack #4 N/A
Attack #5 N/A
Origin Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC/PS3/Wii/360)
Release Date of Origin November 6th, 2007
Works Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC/PS3/Wii/360)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC/PS3/360)
Submitted By: Nobesawa

Boss InfoEdit

Mi-8s are helicopters usually used by the Ultranationalists as an obstacle for Soap and his comrades. Soap can shoot the door gunner but another will replace him. Somehow, Soap can use a stinger missile and a gatting gun to take the helicopter down.

Fight DetailsEdit

You will fight an Mi-8 on a highway on top of a truck and another on one later on in a desert. The Mi-8 will sometimes send out Ultranationalist Russians to keep you occupied as you fight the helicopter. When opportunity is at hand, the helicopter can come down to cut you with his propeller blades on top.


Door Gunner (Easy-Intense): The door gunner in the helicopter will pop out of a window and proceed to fire on you with his AK-47 dealing 5% per shot. After 30 rounds are used, the gunner goes back inside to reload. When you hit the gunner, he gets some pain then heads back inside to recover.

Troop Drop Off (Easy-Intense): 3 ropes will appear near the helicopter door above you then out will drop some Russian Ultranationalists who will try their best to delay you and fight you. This attack tends to be a problem.

Propeller Slash (Easy-Intense): When desperate, the pilot will shout "Okay. You made me mad now!" in Russian then the helicopter will position itself with it's propellers near the ground. Then the helicopter will begin to head towards you as it spins his propellers. If hit by the blades, you will be cut and knocked back by 10% of damage.

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