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Main Details

Ness is a submission created by DK3 and was uploaded to the original site on April 2, 2009 and reuploaded to the site after the revision on July 19, 2013. A few of his attacks have changed from the official Smash Bros. games, such as his Down Special and his new Rapid Combo attack, the main difference is his three new Special Moves and new Final Smash. These better represent his actual abilities from the EarthBound game rather than borrowing attacks from his party members, such as using Paula's PK Fire or Poo's PK Starstorm.

Home Stage Onett
Offense 6.5/10
Defense 6/10
Projectile 8.5/10
Weight 4/10
Speed 6.5/10
Recovery 8.5/10
Throwing Ability 8/10
Final Smash 9/10
Standard Special PK Flash
Side Special PK Hypnosis
Up Special PK Teleport
Down Special PSI Shield
Final Smash PK Rockin'
Origin EarthBound (Super Nintendo) 1994
Works EarthBound (Super Nintendo) 1994
Submitted By: DK3

Submission Details

Character Details

Ness is the thirteen year-old protagonist of EarthBound for the Super Nintendo. He enjoys baseball so much to the point that a majority of his equippable weapons and armor are different baseball bats and baseball caps. In EarthBound, his story begins when a meteorite crashes to Earth on the summit of a hill right outside his home on the outskirts of Onett. After this event, a series of seemingly random events occur throughout his adventure across Eagleland as he meets up with and befriends a cast of three additional party members, which include Paula Polestar, Jeff Andonuts, and Prince Poo.

General Information


Up Taunt:
 Ness does a random trick with his yo-yo.
Down Taunt:
 Ness turns towards the camera, takes a bow and say "Okay."
Side Taunt:
 Ness takes out his Sound Stone and holds it to his forehead as a tune is heard.

On-Screen Appearance

Ness suddenly appears on the stage is a burning flash before shaking off the soot.

Return Platform

Ness returns to the stage on top of a miniature UFO.

Kirby Hat

Kirby gains Ness's baseball cap and backpack.


Regular Moves
Combo (1st) Left Jab  Ness throws a quick, left jab.
Combo (2nd) Right Punch  Ness switches and throws a punch with his right fist.
Combo (Rapid) PSI Rapid Fire  Ness holds his right palm out as he emits fiery energy from it, hitting his opponent multiple times.
Combo (Finish) PSI Burn  Ness switches to his left palm and sends his opponents away with a burst of flame.
Dash Attack PSI Push  Ness lunges forward as he pushes with both palms and emits psychic energy.
Weak Moves
Side Tilt Side Kick  Ness turns to his side and kicks forward.
Up Tilt PSI Shove  Ness shoves upward with both hands as he emits psychic energy.
Down Tilt Low Kick  While crouching, Ness kicks forward low along the ground.
Smash Moves
Side Smash Mr. Baseball Bat  Ness swings a Baseball Bat forward with a hard, cracking strike.
Up Smash Trick Yo-yo  Ness throws his yo-yo upwards as swings it in a circle above his head before bringing it back down and putting it back in his pocket.
Down Smash Mani Mani Statue  Ness uses his thoughts to cause the Mani Mani Statue to appear directly to his side, slamming it down and damaging any opponent in front of or behind him.
Aerial Moves
Neutral Aerial Flying Kick  Ness kicks both of his feet out forwards while in the air.
Forward Aerial Flying Push  Ness thrusts both his palms forward while airbourne, shoving his foe.
Backward Aerial PSI Drop Kick  Ness performs a flying dropkick, kicking backwards with both of his feet with a hint of PSI energy.
Up Aerial Flying Headbutt  Ness swings his forehead forwards while in the air, striking his opponents with a smashing headbutt.
Down Aerial PSI Stomp  Ness stomps downward with a double, thrusting kick, striking his foes with a meteor smash.
Grab & Throws
Grab Tactic PSI Capture  Ness utilizes his PSI powers to capture a nearby foe by using his mind.
Pummel PSI Shock  Using his PSI powers, Ness shocks his captured foe with a quick electric zap.
Forward Throw PSI Throw  By using his PSI powers, Ness flips his opponent upside-down before throwing them forward with a diagonally-upward trajectory.
Backward Throw PSI Reverse Throw  Similar to his Forward Throw, except Ness first moves his opponent behind him before launching them backwards.
Up Throw PSI Lasso  Ness uses his PSI powers to spin his opponent overhead before launching them upwards.
Down Throw PSI Scorch  Ness throws his opponent to the ground before lightly jumping over them and burning them with a fiery PSI spell.
Special Moves
Standard Special  PK Flash
Ness crouches while holding his fingers to his temples as a bright green and yellow flash of light floats into the air from Ness's mind. Upon releasing the Special Move button the flash of light will explode in a varied burst of colors. The size and power of the explosion is determined by how long the attack was charged for, also it's trajectory can be influenced by the Control Stick. If Ness is attacked while controlling a flash of light he'll lose his train of thought and the light will burn out.
Side Special  PK Hypnosis
Ness points both hands forward quickly sending a hypnotic beam of light from his finger tips. If an opponent comes into contact with this bolt of energy, they'll be dazed for a few seconds. Any attacks will wake them up afterwards. This attack counts as a projectile and can be reflected as such.
Up Special  PK Teleport
Ness glows yellow before vanishing and reappearing a few meters away in the desired direction determined by the Control Stick. If an opponent is touching Ness when he disappears or reappears they'll take damage and a large knockback.
Down Special  PSI Shield
Ness surrounds himself in a shield of yellow and blue light and electricity. Any projectile attacks are instantly absorbed by this shield and used in Ness's favor to heal himself for equal the percent damage the attack would have caused. This shield does not protect Ness from physical attacks though.
Final Smash  PK Rockin'
Ness glows in various colors as he turns the background into various patterns seen from battles in Mother 2 / EarthBound. Every opponent then takes a random amount of damage between 25% and 65% and also suffers a random knockback varying between mild and huge.
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