Super Smash Bros. Mercurious Wiki
Name Noctowl
Pokedex Number 164
Generation 2nd
Chance of Apperance Uncommon
Attack Style Physical/Distraction
Pokemon Attack Night Shade
Submitted By: Knightmare

Noctowl is a Pokeball Pokemon submission created by Knightmare and is one of 5 Pokeball Pokemon submissions that he has on the site.

Pokemon Info[]

Noctowl never fails at catching prey in darkness. This Pokemon owes its success to its superior vision that allows it to see in minimal light, and to its soft, supple wings that make no sound in flight.

Attack Description[]

Noctowl flies to the top of the screen and becomes shrouded in a dark aura. The whole screen becomes very dim and becomes hard to see, but not impossible. Noctowl will then fly around, swooping down on any nearby Smashers. Noctowl will do about 10% per swoop.

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