Name Phlegyas
Chance of Appearance Rare
Attack Style Projectile
Origin Final Fantasy X (PS2)
Release Date of Origin December 12th, 2001
Works Final Fantasy X (PS2)
Submitted By: Knightmare

Assist Trophy Info

Phlegyas is a fiend in Final Fantasy X. It is encountered in the sewer of the Via Purifico. Being a water-based monster, it is vulnerable to Lightning attacks. After being physically attacked, it will begin to charge and on its next turn will unleash Sonic Wave on the party. If Phlegyas is put to Sleep while glowing it will have to charge again.

Phlegyas will drop armor with MP +10% and Auto-Med abilities and weapons with Magic +5% or Strength +5%.

Mode of Assistance

When Phlegyas appears on the stage, he begins charging tons of little yellow glowing orbs into himself. This takes about 3 seconds total, but the effect is quite impressive. When he finishes charging, he swings both of his wings outward, and a beam of translucent ripples and waves shoots out in one random direction that Phlegyas is facing. If hit, a character will not only suffer 12% damage, they will also be dazed. The noise from this attack is quite nasty sounding, like nails on a chalkboard, so watch out when this noisy enemy appear

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