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Name Pianta
Chance of Appearance Common
Attack Style Projectile
Origin Super Mario Sunshine (GCN)
Release Date of Origin July 19th, 2002
Works Paper Mario: The-Thousand Year Door (GCN)
Mario Superstar Baseball (GCN)
Mario Super Sluggers (Wii)
Submitted By: Jonno

Assist Trophy Info

Piantas are a race of plump, humanoid creatures that wear grass skirts and don palm trees upon their heads. Their homeland is Isle Delfino, and their hometown Delfino Plaza, the main hub of Super Mario Sunshine. The Piantas order Mario to clean up all of Isle Delfino with F.L.U.D.D. in order to prove that he is innocent of the crime of dirtying it up in the first place. Along the way, he defeats Shadow Mario, really Bowser's son Bowser Jr., the true criminal behind Delfino's dirty-ness.

Mode of Assistance

A mob of Piantas appear where the Assist Trophy broke open and stand in place. About one second later, they start kicking and throwing durians at opponents, dealing 8% per kick and 7% damage per throw. If anyone runs into the Pianta mob, they will shove them back, dealing 10% damage with medium knockback. During their attack, the Piantas will be making their classic mumbling sounds. Every time Mario or any one of his variations, including Dr. Mario and Paper Mario, is hit with a durian or shoved back, the Piantas will scream 'Mario!!!'

The durians are somewhat easy to dodge if you stay at a distance. Kicked durians go further than thrown durians, but even then not far.

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