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Main Details[]

Home Stage Saffron City
Offense 6.5/10
Defense 5/10
Projectile 9/10
Weight 3.5/10
Speed 7.5/10
Recovery 6/10
Throwing Ability 6/10
Final Smash 8.5/10
Standard Special Thundershock
Side Special Discharge
Up Special Quick Attack
Down Special Thunder
Final Smash Volt Tackle
Origin Pokémon Red & Green (Game Boy) 1996
Works Pokémon Yellow (Game Boy) 1998
PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure (Nintendo Wii) 2009
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (Nintendo 3DS) 2015
Submitted By: DK3

Submission Details[]

Pikachu is a submission created by DK3 originally on January 25, 2009 and reuploaded after the site's revision on September 11, 2012. After the first revision of this submission, Pikachu's Standard Special was changed to an Electro Ball attack and its Final Smash allowed it to evolve into Raichu as a transformation character. This newest revision, however, cuts Raichu out, and his moves return back to Thundershock and Volt Tackle. Its Side Special remains as the new attack, Discharge. A few of its normal attacks have changed as well. Many of which now utilize Pikachu's ability to produce static charges.

Character Details[]

Pikachu is the most popular and famous of the 600+ different species of Pokémon in existance. Its cute and dangerous all rolled up into one Poké Ball. #25 in the National PokéDex, and of pure-electric type, Pikachu was first found in the Viridian Forest, though on a fairly rare occassion. Professor Oak would then hand trainers their own Pikachu after running out of Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur as his offers. Pikachu are very attached to their trainers, preferring to be by their side instead of stored in their Poké Ball. They will evolve into a Raichu if they come into contact with a Thunderstone, and if bred with other Pikachu of the opposite gender, they can produce baby Pichu.

General Information[]


Up Taunt:
 Pikachu backflips in the air before calling out its name, "Pikachu!!"
Down Taunt:
 Pikachu rolls around on the ground briefly while saying, "Piiiiiii!"
Side Taunt:
 Pikachu waves towards the camera and it cheers, "Pika Pikaaa!"

On-Screen Appearance[]

A Poké Ball is thrown onto the stage as Pikachu appears out of it in a torrent of electricity, then quickly states, "Pika!"

Return Platform[]

Pikachu returns on a platform comprised of eight Poké Balls.

Kirby Hat[]

Kirby gains a Pikachu hat, complete with ears, cheeks, nose, eyes, and tail.


Regular Moves
Combo Attack Quick Headbutt  Rapid-succession headbutts at a blurry speed.
Dash Attack Static Path  Pikachu emits static around its body as it dashes forward, leaving a field of static electricity on the ground that may stun players standing in it.
Weak Moves
Side Tilt Tail Whip  Pikachu whips its tail around in front of itself, striking its opponent.
Up Tilt Tail Swipe  Pikachu swings its tail overhead, striking any opponent directly above it.
Down Tilt Tail Sweep  While crouching, Pikachu spins in place, sweeping its tail along the ground.
Smash Moves
Side Smash Thunder Bolt  Pikachu charges up a bolt of electric lightning at the tip of its whiskers before jolting it in a bolt forwards.
Up Smash Lightning Orb  Pikachu produces a ball of electricity on its back that can shock its opponents multiple times very quickly.
Down Smash Static Field  Pikachu surrounds himself with an aura of static that can not only damage opponents, but can stun them briefly as well.
Aerial Moves
Neutral Aerial Tail Spin  Pikachu flips forward twice quickly in midair, striking with its tail.
Forward Aerial Electric Headbutt  Pikachu performs a spinning headbutt in midair as it shocks its opponents.
Backward Aerial Glider Spin  Pikachu spins flat with its limbs extended in midair.
Up Aerial Tail Flick  Pikachu flips quickly as it strikes any opponent overhead with its tail.
Down Aerial Electric Drill  Pikachu drills downward in a bolt of lightning very quickly, hitting its opponents multiple times.
Grab & Throws
Grab Tactic Static Cling  Pikachu draws in its closest target with its static, whether they're in front of or behind Pikachu.
Pummel Static Zap  Pikachu zaps his captured foe with a jolt of electricity.
Forward Throw Electrify  Pikachu throws its opponent onto its back and shocks them, sending them flying forwards.
Backward Throw Submission  Pikachu rolls backwards twice with his opponent in its grasps before throwing them.
Up Throw Lightning Strike  Pikachu sends a small lightning bolt into its opponent, sending the foe skyward.
Down Throw Slam  Pikachu throws the opponent on the ground before slamming its body on top of them.
Special Moves
Standard Special  Thundershock
Pikachu unleashes a short bolt of electricity that bounces along the ground and over obstacles, even going up walls and ceilings. The bolt will travel a few yards before dimming out, but Pikachu can now charge this attack up to increase its speed and distance, and although it won't add much damage to its impact, it will however add up to a 2 second stunning bonus to the hit.
Side Special  Discharge
Pikachu will unleash all of its built up static at once, which can be stored by using its electric-based attacks. At smaller amounts of static stored away, the attack is fairly feeble, but as Pikachu starts showing signs of larger amounts by sparking with electricity, the attack can have a fair range of attack and be pretty powerful, but leave Pikachu exhausted briefly.
Up Special  Quick Attack
Pikachu can jolt in any desired direction twice in the blink of an eye with Quick Attack. Any opponents in its path will take minor damage, and Pikachu can now move in the same direction twice instead of just once as it had before.
Down Special  Thunder
Pikachu calls down a strong bolt of lightning from the top of the stage, crashing into any opponents directly above Pikachu. If a platform blocks the bolt's path, it will be absorbed into it and won't be able to reach Pikachu. The more this attack is used during one static build-up period, the weaker it'll become until Pikachu releases its built-up energy.
Final Smash  Volt Tackle
Pikachu is surrounded in an orb of static electricity and can quickly move around the screen free of gravity and into its opponents to shock them into submission. For each contact Pikachu makes with its opponents, they'll take 20%-35%, depending on how many times they've already been hit with the first strike being greater. After an certain time limit, the orb of static will dissipate.

External Links[]

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