Name Pokemon Stadium IV
Location Indigo League
Home Stage of Red
Hazard #1 Grass
Hazard #2 Water
Hazard #3 Sharp Rocks
Hazard #4 Flamethrower
Origin Pokemon Stadium (N64)
Release Date of Origin September 30th, 1998
Works Pokemon Stadium (N64)
Pokemon Stadium 2 (N64)
Submitted By: Flamezone
Pokemon Stadium IV

Stage InfoEdit

This stage can switch forms, meaning a certain element covers the original stage. There are 4 stages, Water Stage, Rock Stage, Grass Stage, and the Ice Stage.

Stage LayoutEdit

You start out on a original stage. It is about the same size as the other pokemon stadiums, exept the ground is stretched out. It is just a flat stage with no gaps, the only way to KO is to send the opponent to the side, or straight up. This is the same with all stages. (Except with the Water stage) Then, after awhile, grass starts sprouting from the ground and then it its changed to the grass stage. It is pretty much the same as the original, but your speed is reduced greatly when walking on it. Then, after awhile, Rocks erupt from the grass, changing it to the rock field. There are medium and little rocks in the middle, while two huge ones are at the side. Some rocks you call pick up, some are sticking up and are flat at the top, and there are pointy rocks sticking straight up, like a icicle from the ground. You can stand on the flat ones, but you get damaged by the sharp ones. Then, after awhile, the rocks all get frozen and explode, exept for the two big ones at the side, they are just frozen. Then the whole stage is covered by slippery ice. You slip, or slide when running/walking on it. Then, after awhile, An Arcainine blows a flamethrower on the ice, melting it, turning it into the water stage. Then 3 round, white, platforms surface from underneath the water, one placed in the middle and one on the right, and one on the left. There is water in between the gaps of the platform. Then, after awhile, the Water is drained, somehow, and it is the original stage again. the cycle just keeps repeating itself.

Stage HazardsEdit

Grass: Grass Reduces your speed greatly.

Water: If you stay in the water too long, you will drown and lose a life.

Sharp Rocks: If you touch a sharp rock, you will get 3%-15%

Flamethrower: If you get hit by Arcanine's, flamethrower you will get 17%-20%

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