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Main Details[]

Samus Aran
Home Stage Ceres Station
Offense 8/10
Defense 6/10
Projectile 9/10
Weight 7.5/10
Speed 5/10
Recovery 4/10
Throwing Ability 7/10
Final Smash 8/10
Standard Special Charge Shot
Side Special Missile
Up Special Screw Attack
Down Special Morph Ball Bomb
Final Smash Hyper Beam
Origin Metroid (Nintendo) 1986
Works Super Metroid (Super Nintendo) 1994
Metroid Prime (Nintendo GameCube) 2002
Metroid: Other M (Nintendo Wii) 2010
Submitted By: DK3

Submission Details[]

Samus Aran is a submission created by DK3 on January 25, 2009 and uploaded to the site's orginal design before the revision was made and the submission was reuploaded on February 19, 2013. Little has changed between the official Super Smash Bros. series's version of Samus and DK3's submission. This submission follows Super Smash Bros. 4 more closely than the previous titles as her Final Smash does not force her to transform into Zero Suit Samus. Although it has been renamed as 'Hyper Beam', the name of a very similar weapon in Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. In DK3's older moveset for Samus Aran, her Down Special originally allowed her to stay in Morph Ball form and roll around and drop bombs in this method.

Character Details[]

Samus is the lead protagonist of the Metroid franchise and stars as an intergalactic bounty hunter. She made her debut in the original Nintendo game Metroid. She was born on the planet K-2L, an Earth colonial settlement, she now has prestigious fame as a bounty hunter, often being employed by the Galactic Federation. Her history is somewhat veiled in mystery and is full of wide gaps of missing background information.

General Information[]


Up Taunt:
 Samus turns to face the screen as she poses towards the camera with her cannon aimed towards the sky.
Down Taunt:
 Samus opens the compartment of her cannon and alters it slightly, which is only done for visuals.
Side Taunt:
 Samus kneels down quickly as she guards forward with her cannon, then turns around and aims behind herself.

On-Screen Appearance[]

Samus pilots her Starship onto the stage in the near background before she leaps out of it and lands in her starting position.

Return Platform[]

Samus's recovery platform is a smaller version of her Starship.

Kirby Hat[]

Kirby gains the helmet of Samus's Power Suit.


Regular Moves
Combo (1st) Quick Chop  Samus performs a quick chop with her left hand.
Combo (2nd) Cannon Jab  Samus thrusts her arm cannon forward in a jabbing motion.
Combo (3rd) Cannon Burst  Samus points her cannon forward and creates a quick burst of fire to attack her opponent.
Dash Attack Shoulder Tackle  Samus charges forward with a stiff shoulder attack as she lunges forward.
Weak Moves
Side Tilt Spin Kick  Samus kicks forward with a quick kick as she spins on her other heel.
Up Tilt Overhead Fire  Samus arcs her cannon in an overhead trajectory as she emits bursts of fire from it.
Down Tilt Cannon Sweep  Samus swipes her cannon along the ground in one swift motion.
Smash Moves
Side Smash Cannon Smash  Samus jolts her cannon forward with a powerful jab, smashing it into her foe.
Up Smash Cannon Blast  Samus aims her cannon directly upwards and fires a strong blast of flames from its end.
Down Smash Leg Sweep  Samus sweeps her leg along the ground in a 360° spin.
Aerial Moves
Neutral Aerial Flying Kick  Samus throws a kick forwards while in the air.
Forward Aerial Aerial Fire  Samus flips forward as she creates repeated bursts of fire from her cannon.
Backward Aerial Double Kick  Samus kicks her feet out behind herself twice while in the air.
Up Aerial Spiral Kick  Samus flips upside and kicks above herself as she spins rapidly.
Down Aerial Cannon Arc  Samus swings her cannon in an arc motion underneath her with a great amount of force.
Grab & Throws
Grab Tactic Grapple Beam  Samus launches her Grapple Beam out forwards from her cannon, grabbing ahold of an opponent and pulling them back towards her.
Pummel Captive Chop  Samus chops her captured foe in the head swiftly.
Forward Throw Beam Launch  Samus whips her opponent around violently before tosses them forwards.
Backward Throw Reverse Launch  Samus whips her opponent backwards as she turns in place and throws them in the reverse direction.
Up Throw Blast-Off  Samus moves her opponent above herself before launching them up from her cannon.
Down Throw Grapple Slam  Samus whips her opponent upwards before jerking them back down and slamming them straight into the ground.
Special Moves
Standard Special  Charge Beam
Samus will aim her cannon forward and begin the process of building up energy within the weapon, being able to store it for later use if she reaches a full charge or dodges left or right. When she's ready to fire the shot, a second press of the Special Move button, either while she has a full charge or while charging up the shot, will fire the energy forward in a large sphere. This shot will travel forward in a straight trajectory, but can be absorbed into obstacles such as walls. Upon impact with an opponent, a Charge Beam shot can deal anywhere from minor damage to a powerful projectile.
Side Special  Missile
How this attack is performed can affect how this attack performs. If the player simply does a weak tilt Side Special, Samus will fire a normal Missile from her arm cannon that will be propelled forward at a steady pace and explode on impact with any opponents or obstacles. However, if the player does a smash tilt Side Special, Samus will fire a Super Missile that will travel much faster and explode with a greater impact, dealing more damage. The downside of using Super Missiles is that Samus can only fire one every fifteen seconds, requiring her to recharge the cannon to prepare another Super Missile shot.
Up Special  Screw Attack
Samus's Screw Attack ability allows her to perform a third jump, somersaulting rapidly as she ascends upward and allowing her to damage her foes repeatedly as she does so. If Samus attacks an opponent with this move, it'll last longer than if Samus performed the attack and didn't encounter anyone.
Down Special  Morph Ball Bomb
Samus quickly activates her Morph Ball ability, reducing her physical form to a spherical, metal ball, before dropping a Morph Ball Bomb. The bomb itself is a small glowing orb that can damage opponents for between 6% to 8% damage. These bombs cannot be picked up but can be shielded. If one goes off in the immediate vacinity of Samus, she's automatically morph into her ball shape and be boosted into the air a short distance.
Final Smash  Hyper Beam
When Samus activates her Final Smash manuever, she'll aim her cannon in front of herself and unleash a large, devastating beam of pure phazon completely across the stage. Any opponents caught in this beam of phazon energy will take heavy damage and knockback.

External Links[]

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