Name Spirit Tracks
Location Hyrule
Home Stage of Toon Zelda
Hazard #1 Octoroks
Hazard #2 Twister
Hazard #3 Crow
Hazard #4 Boulder
Origin The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Release Date of Origin 2009
Works The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Submitted By: Jonno
Spirit Tracks

Stage InfoEdit

Not much is known about this place other than that this will act as the HUB of the Spirit Tracks universe, ala Hyrule Field to Ocarina of Time and the Great Sea to Wind Waker. Toon Link drives a train along 'Spirit Tracks' across Hyrule to get from place to place, delivering parcels and completing dungeons.

Stage LayoutEdit

Spirit Tracks takes place on top of Toon Link's train, the train obviously acting as the main platform. Every once in a while random, cel-shaded, wooden platforms will appear above the train to act as secondary fighting places. They can move left, right, up, down, in circles, in zigzags, or not at all. Like with Pirate Ship in Brawl and Great Sea Tour in Mercurious: Jonno Edition, the background is constantly changing, showing off various landmarks, cities, non-playable characters, objects, and enemies. A few examples of things that appear in the background are Hyrule Castle, seagulls, a large mountain (perhaps there's a dungeon there?), and a large tree with an opening inside (insert same question here)

Stage HazardsEdit

Octoroks: Every once in a while two or three Octorocks will appear in the background, constantly shooting rocks into the foreground. While most will hit the back of the train, some will fly above it, dealing 12% damage per rock.

Twister: When a twister appears, it will not be strong enough to pick up the train, but it will rattle the train around, throw any character caught in its path into the air, and suck items into its vortex, destroying them. Any character caught in the twister with over 50% damage has a 40% higher chance of being knocked out than people with less damage than them. People with less damage will most likely be dropped back to the ground within a second of being thrown into the air, dealing 10% damage.

Crow: A single crow sometimes appears in the foreground, diving down towards characters and dealing 10% damage per stab of the beak. Crows can be stopped by being hit with pretty much anything, as they will get frightened and will run away once being hit by something.

Boulder: Sometimes a boulder will be found in the middle of the Spirit Tracks, forcing the train to either blow it up or climb over it. If the train chooses to climb over the boulder, players will be forced to get up on a secondary platform or pursue their skills in running up trains at amazing speeds in order to survive. If the train chooses to blow up the boulder, anyone in the bomb's path will be dealt 45% damage with massive knockback

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