Name Stanley
Chance of Appearance Common
Attack Style Projectile
Origin Greenhouse (G&W)
Release Date of Origin December 6th, 1982
Works Greenhouse (G&W)
Donkey Kong 3 (Arcade/NES)
Submitted By: Knightmare

Assist Trophy InfoEdit

Stanley the Bugman is a bug exterminator and the protagonist of the game Donkey Kong 3. In this game Stanley uses his Bug-Spray Gun to do battle with Donkey Kong (or Cranky Kong) and several insects in a greenhouse. Eventually Stanley managed to defeat Donkey Kong and presumably sent him back to where he came from.

Mode of AssistanceEdit

Stanley runs about the stage, Bug-Spray Gun aimed up, down, left, or right. If you get in Stanley's line of sight, he'll launch a cloud of insecticide gas out of his Bug-Spray Gun. The clouds of bug poison move completely straight, but can be blown away by excessive physical attacks or windy attacks. If a fire attack hits the gas, it explodes. If you are hit by the poison, you don't take damage, but you become poisoned and dizzy. Dizzyness lasts for a short time, but the poison lasts about 10 seconds, doing 1% per second. If you are already poisoned, Stanley doesn't try to hurt you, but once you're cured, Stanley can then start hitting you

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