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Name Statesman
Chance of Appearance Rare
Attack Style Physical
Origin City of Heroes (PC)
Release Date of Origin 2004
Works City of Heroes (PC)
City of Villains (PC)
City of Heroes: Going Rogue (PC)
Submitted By: The Brawlinator

Assist Trophy Info[]

Statesman is a main NPC character from the MMORPG City of Heroes. He was one of the first superheroes in Paragon City, and is also the leader and one of the co-founders of the Freedom Phalanx, a very prestigious superhero team. Originally known as Marcus Cole, he fought in World War I and went in search of the Well of the Furies, knowing that he would die of sickness if he didn't find it. When he and his best friend, Stephen Richter, finally found the Well, they both drank from the Fountain of Zeus within it, and Marcus and Stephen gained super powers, though Marcus became good and Stephen became evil. Taking the name Statesman, Marcus became a superhero and went to Paragon City to save it from evil.

Mode of Assistance[]

When Statesman comes out of an Assist Trophy, he immediately goes towards the nearest opponent and starts punching them, dealing about 5% damage per hit. After about 10 seconds have passed, Statesman will attempt to do one of two attacks, either Hammer of Justice or Zeus' Lightning Bolt. If Statesman uses Hammer of Justice, he will slam his fist into the ground, knocking back all opponents on the ground within a few feet to be dealt about 30% damage and severe knockback, but he can't use Hammer of Justice in midair. If Statesman used Zeus' Lightning Bolt, he will cause himself to be struck by lightning dealing 30% energy damage and heavy knockback to anyone within a few feet of him, and, unlike Hammer of Justice, he can use Zeus' Lightning Bolt in the air. After finishing the final attack, Statesman will disappear in the same way as most other Assit Trophies. Don't think you're safe in the air, because Statesman can fly, so the best thing to do is outrun him until he disappears.

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