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Name Teddy Bear
Item Type Miscellaneous
Origin Mother 2/Earthbound (SNES)
Release Date of Origin August 27th, 1994
Works Mother 2/Earthbound (SNES)
Submitted By: DK3

Teddy Bear.jpg

Item Info[]

In the Mother/EarthBound series, players could find this item and use it as a kind of shield. The player's characters would drag it around the overworld on the ground behind them, and in battles the Teddy Bear would take hits instead the party members before falling apart in a pile of fluff.

Item Usage[]

When a player picks up the Teddy Bear, it'll appear behind them on the ground, instead of in the player's hands. The Teddy Bear will follow the character around the stage as they continue fighting and absorb up to 20% damage the player takes before falling apart in a pile of fluff on the ground, becoming useless.

External Links[]

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