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The Ultimate Tournament is an event on the Mercurious forums started by Eebit. It has its own subforum, which is under the "Games, Tourneys, and Role-Playing" section of the forums. The basic premise is that fighters from across all of Time and Space have been collected by an enigmatic race known only as "the Reapers" to fight on planet Mars for sheer entertainment value of the crowds that this tournament will amass.


Eebit posted the introductory topic on the Mercurious forums on May 24, 2010. He had previously pitched the Role Play at other forums he frequents, but on only one other occasion had it taken off. At that forum, however, Eebit was no longer interested in the member base.

Advertised as the "MUGEN of Role Playing", the tournament gathered the attention of a few Mercurious members, who immediately signed up their characters. The tournament attracted member metasamus back to Mercurious in order to participate in the Tournament, with his character, Ryo.

The first battle of the Tournament was posted on June 3, 2010, and took place between Zantok's character, Giott and flamezone17's Kolton Chillzone. The match ended on June 8, with Giott narrowly defeating Kolton.

Bracket and Entrants[]

On June 3, 2010, the official bracket was posted. [1]

eebit - Jackson S. Larke
flamezone17 - Eric the Flame
flamezone17 - Kolton Chillzone
Jonno - Baboy Man
metasamus - Ryo
The Brawlinator - Darth Vader
The Brawlinator - Kenneth Hill
Zantok - Giott
Zantok - Tempest