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Name Village Entrance
Location LostWinds
Home Stage of Toku
Hazard #1 Wind
Hazard #2 N/A
Hazard #3 N/A
Hazard #4 N/A
Origin LostWinds (WiiWare)
Release Date of Origin May 12th, 2008
Works LostWinds (WiiWare)
Submitted By: Jonno
Village Entrance.jpg

Stage Info[]

The entrance to the only village in the game 'LostWinds' and chosen one Toku's home town. He sets off on a small quest to find wise man Deo some herbs, which involves using the wind spirit Enril's abilities to lift him onto high ledges.

Stage Layout[]

This stage takes place near one of the stable areas of the village, and one of the most beautiful as well. A couple of houses sit here and there beside a cherry blossom tree and the land is flat and about as long as 3/4ths of the Bridge of Eldin in Brawl. Every once in a while a moving, brown stone platform appears on either side of the stage, both making their way towards the center before disappearing again.

Stage Hazards[]

Wind: Enril may appear and create a strong gust of wind that makes everything in the background shuffle a bit. The woman standing next to the cherry blossom tree outside of her house will say 'Oh!' as a few blossoms fall from the tree. The trees in the far background, do the same. The torches in the background of the stage may shoot some lingering flames to the actual stage, dealing 10% damage if someone were to be hit by the fireball. The fireball disintegrates as soon as it hits something instead of staying on the ground for a second or two.

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