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Name Waterwraith
Chance of Appearance Very Rare
Attack Style Physical
Origin Pikmin 2 (GCN)
Release Date of Origin April 29th, 2004
Works Pikmin 2 (GCN)
New Play Control! Pikmin 2 (Wii)
Submitted By: Zantok

Assist Trophy Info[]

A strange creature found towards the end of the game, the Waterwraith cannot be detected by the ship's sensors causing some to believe that it's true physical form resides in a whole other realm. To be defeated they must first be attacked by a Pikmin of the Purple color and from then can be attacked by the other Pikmin. Once its stone rollers are destroyed, the Waterwraith will run around the stage in shame causing to more harm to Captain Olimar or his Pikmin. Louie notes that the Waterwraith is compeltely inedible and is known to cause mass hysteria, leg spasms and internal thuderings if consumed.

Mode of Assistance[]

When the Waterwraith appears, it first turns it's gelatenous head left and right in confusion as to ho it got where it is. Then for the next 15 seconds the Waterwraith will roll around the stage on it's stone rollers attempting to crush any poor smasher that gets in its way. The Waterwraith is as tall as 1.5x Ganondorf and as wide as 1.5x Bowser. The Waterwraith does not discrimiate and can harm even the player who summoned it. The Waterwraith will damage players for 5%-15% damage and will also squash them under it's rollers where the player will stay flatened for 2 seconds before they pop back up and are ready to fight again. Waterwraith can also instantly kill any Pikmin that it may run into.

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