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Name Whispy Woods
Location Dream Land
Home Stage of Kirby
Hazard #1 Breath of Wind
Hazard #2 Apples
Hazard #3 Gordos
Hazard #4 Pointy Nose
Origin Kirby's Dream Land (GB)
Release Date of Origin April 12th, 1992
Works Kirby's Dream Land (GB)
Kirby Super Star (SNES)
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (N64)
Submitted By: DK3
Whispy Woods.jpg

Stage Info[]

Whispy Woods (also known as Whispy) is a recurring boss in the Kirby series. He first appeared in Kirby's Dream Land and is a giant apple tree that has a face and a branch-like nose. His attacks are to make apples fall on Kirby, blow air puffs, and shoot his roots at Kirby. The best way to counterattack without a copy ability is to inhale apples and shoot them back at him.

Whispy Woods really hasn't changed much over the years. His concept always remains the same from game-to-game; a light-colored tree with a large bushel of leaves on his top branches. He also commonly has a short little, stub-like branch on his side, but this detail was absent in earlier games. His eyes and mouth are hollow circles and he has a pointy nose. He is also shown to have apples, little round spheres, or even small stars growing from his branches in some appearances (the most common however are the apples).

In each individual game, Whispy's design is sometimes subject to change. In Kirby 64, Whispy's bark was plaid, he no longer had hollow eyes, and had a slightly more vibrant color pallet. In Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, which is arguably his most designed model to date, Whispy features ivy growing along his side and more textured bark. In Kirby Air Ride, Whispy's design was somewhat simplified to match the simplistic style of City Trial.

Stage Layout[]

The Whispy Woods stage takes place in the middle of a dense forest on a flat piece of ground stretching from the left border to the right one. Whispy Woods, the enormous living tree is located on the right side of the stage, its trunk and limbs reach to the top KO border, leaving only the left and top borders open to KO opponents. Whispy can be defeated momentarily for 15 seconds after taking 50% damage or more.

Stage Hazards[]

Breath of Wind: Every once in awhile, Whispy will blow a steady gust of wind across the stage in an attempt to blow players off the left side of the stage. The gust of wind blows slightly quicker than on the Green Greens stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Apples: Whispy can also drop a few apples from its tree limbs above the stage once in awhile. Some apples aren't ripe enough to eat and can be thrown at opponents, but the ripe ones can be eaten to replenish 4%-6% health.

Gordon: When Whispy shakes its leaves to drop apples, sometimes a Gordo might fall in place of an apple. The Gordo will plummet straight down and stick to the ground. It can't be harmed in anyway and will damage anyone who touches it. It'll disappear after 10 seconds.

Pointy Nose: Whispy Woods' pointy nose will damage any players who come into contact with it, causing 4%-7% damage and minor knockback on a low angle.

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