Name Wynaut
Pokedex Number 360
Generation 3rd
Chance of Appearance Uncommon
Attack Style Indirect
Pokemon Attack Safeguard
Submitted By: Zantok

Pokemon InfoEdit

Wynaut is a psychic type Pokemon who gets to evolve into a Wobbuffet at level 15. Wynaut is always smiling, always. As such, Wynaut uses its tail to signify the different emotions it is having. For example, when Wynaut slaps his tail against the ground, that means that it is upset.

Attack DescriptionEdit

A yellow and translucent sphere surrounds itself around your character. The sphere lasts for approx. 10 seconds and as it gets closer to to going away it slowly becomes more and more translucent. While the sphere surrounds you, no harmful status effects (flower, frozen, burned, poisoned, sleep, etc.) can effect you. Period.

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